Business Link to be axed from 2012

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Dan Martin
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The regional elements of advisory service Business Link will be no more after April 2012, Business Zone reports.

The Department of Business Innovation & Skills white paper on local growth identified the £154m annual cost of running the Business Link network was "high" and that the generalist nature of support, advice and consultancy provided to small firms had been poorly targeted, for example at "so-called 'lifestyle businesses' that were unlikely to grow.

The Business Link initiative is carried out under the auspices of nine Regional Development Agencies, which will scrapped and replaced by Local Enterprise Partnerships, which enterprise minister Mark Prisk confirmed in June would face the chop. In line with the new government's strategy to shift  power to local communities and businesses, the LEPs will be joint projects between local authorities and business groups. So far, 24 LEPs have been approved and the intitiative will be backed with a £1.4bn Regional Growth Fund.

From April 2012, the website and a national call centre will be the primary sources of advice and support for small businesses.

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04th Nov 2010 16:48


... there is no hope of getting rid of the ineffective collection of experts who go from one organisation to the next, never producing any real change. Another gravy chain, just another waste of money.

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05th Nov 2010 15:34


the website is a boon for small business and this is to continue

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08th Nov 2010 10:33

Yep Trevor you are unfortunately right...

unfortunately employment within the public sector seems a closed shop...and worse still it seems that staff are measured by the lenght of service rather than the actual skills, success and effectiveness they bring to any role.

Having sat down with a representative myself - i got the distinct feeling they knew little or nothing about how to run and build a business.  The meeting felt like a tick box procedure with very little benefit...and indeed the only area that seemed of any use was a course with a particular provider that was given to Business Link employee's for free, but that I would have to pay for....I guess I shouldn't have expected any more.  


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08th Nov 2010 12:14


 Had a talk with a BL lady.  Result (politely) sweet nothing - absolutly zilch!

My advice _DON'T BOTHER


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By athenal
12th Nov 2010 07:59


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