EU proposes data protection law shake-up

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The European Commission has put forward proposals to reform EU data protection laws that will give users the right to be forgottenUnder the new rules, users will have the ability to force companies to delete information if there is no “legitimate” reason why the firm should keep their personal data. Firms will also be required to report data breaches “as soon as possible” and those that fail to comply could be fined up to 2% of their global turnover. The proposals will reform the current data protection rules implemented in 1995 and mean that:

  • users would have easier access to their personal data and the process of transferring from one service to another...

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16th Nov 2017 20:44

Data protection and privacy is such a big concern that no tech company should compromise in it. For example apps like Aptoide and Mobdro is used and trusted by millions of mobile users so obviously they would have to be sure of their policy and never sell the data or any information to other companies. Good that EU is taking initiative in such cases. Kudos to them!

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