GAAPweb and Sift Media team up to provide the top jobs in accounting and finance

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Looking for a job? Look no further - they are all on AccountingWEB and Finance Week. Specialist jobsite GAAPweb has teamed up with AccountingWeb and Finance Week to create the UK's leading accounting and finance jobboard. The new service will go live on AccountingWEB and FinanceWeek on 15 November. Graham Ruddick, managing director of GAAPweb talks about the partnership and what it means for employees and jobseekers.

Why has GAAPweb teamed up with and FinanceWeek?

As the leading specialist jobsite for finance and accounting professionals, GAAPweb has taken the decision to partner with the leading communities for this market.

FinanceWeek boasts a user base of 23,000 with over 4,000 unique users visiting the site every week. Over 8,000 members visit...

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02nd Nov 2007 15:11

QBE is not a four-letter word!
The comment about Qualified by Experience is spot on. Over the course of nearly twenty years, I've worked up to Group FC level but have (so far) unsucessfully tried to combine the workloads that come with it with trying to study. I am determined to get qualified as this would seem the only way to get to FD/CFO level, but my CV would suggest I am more than able to do a senior-level job well - passing exams would not prove this at all. Surely a proven track record at a certain level is better evidence than being able to sit a few 3-hour exams?

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