Galloway firm fails owing £100,000 in tax

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The media firm responsible for handling income for former Bradford West MP George Galloway has gone into compulsory liquidation, owing more than £100,000 to HMRC.

Miranda Media was set up to handle income from Galloway's deals, including his role as a TV presenter for Iranian television channel Press TV.

Liquidators at accountancy firm Haslers found that the firm had no assets, with Nick Nicholson, the joint liquidator, reporting that as of last year the firm had no assets. “The handover papers included £100,284.76 owed to HM Revenue & Customs”, Nicholson added.

According to the liquidator's report, as of May 2015 Haslers has spent more than £25,000 on investigating Miranda Media’s finances – money which will be recouped before anything is paid to HMRC.

The final accounts filed by Miranda Media to June 2012 showed £9 in assets and losses of £82,000, and papers filed with Companies House show Galloway resigned as the company’s director in May 2013.

However Galloway told The Telegraph that the reports of £100,000 were “ridiculous” and that a figure of £40,000 was nearer the mark: “My lawyers and the lawyer for the liquidator are in negotiations.

The anti-EU campaigner and former Big Brother contestant went on to blame HMRC for forcing Miranda Media into liquidation by demanding instant payment following the revoking of Press TV’s UK license to broadcast.

“Press TV owed us £40,000”, said Galloway. “Immediately the [sic] HMRC came to the door and gave us 48 hours to pay.”

When it became clear that action would be taken against Miranda Media, on advice from ‘accountants and lawyers’ Galloway set up a second firm, Molucca Media, which he told The Telegraph is doing “rather well”, with assets of more than £150,000 according to its April 2015 accounts.

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29th Feb 2016 16:02

The (net) assets

were around £47,500, for Molucca Media, according to the last accounts.

The last accounts filed for Mirada Media were to 30th June 2012 and, the last annual return was to 7th September 2012.

Filing accounts and annual return almost seems an option, where George is concerned?

You wonder why Companies House hadn't set in motion proceedings against, what used to be, the "voice" of Bradford?


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29th Feb 2016 16:25


... TFC for the correction. It does me good to have my sensationalist streak brought to heel.

Given the ideals that Galloway has purported to stand for over the years, the fact that a) he had this company in the first place and b) he's seen it fit to take this action doesn't seem to fit with them.

Obviously he's done nothing illegal, but it does smack of 'do as I say not as I do'.

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29th Feb 2016 16:37

Tom, you're reallly

not surprised are you?

Like every other political figure, left, right, this way, that way, George can walk on water.

It's just us mere mortals who sink, or swim.

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