Gordon's Alive - Why is Gordon Brown leading the way in saving the world from the credit crunch, and what can we learn for our b

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Remember the dim, distant days of September 2008, when Gordon Brown was almost universally unpopular, wasn't expected to last the year in his role as Prime Minister and everything he touched seemed to go wrong.

I am writing this on 13th October and Gordon's plan to save the banks seems to be well-received by the markets and looks set to be followed by the rest of Europe and the US. The rest of the world seems to be turning to Gordon for advice and leadership on what to do about the crisis, weeks after his party didn't even want him as leader.. What happened?

Clearly Gordon Brown has far greater experience than his fellow world leaders in dealing with the financial markets, from his time as Chancellor, however, I don't think this fully explains the turnaround in his fortunes. There are some a...

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