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The Chancellor visits Aston University Business School
(The Chancellor Rishi Sunak meets staff and students during a visit to Aston University Business School where they are running the newly created Help To Grow management course)

Government opens help to grow course for FDs


Finance directors will have the opportunity to brush up on their strategic skills as part of a new 90% subsidised government Help to Grow management course, introduced to “turbocharge” the UK’s post-Covid economic recovery. 

26th Aug 2021
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The government recently launched registrations for the 12 week ‘Help to Grow: Management’ programme after latching on to the idea that increased productivity and growth plans will help the UK’s economic recovery. 

Over the past 18 months the Covid pandemic has tested finance directors and business leaders’ resilience and pushed them to their strategic limits, having to become operationally agile in adopting new technologies and forced to innovate on the fly.

The introduction of this new government subsidised management course builds on this and looks to arm business leaders with the skills to develop their reach into growth markets, improve employee engagement and of course, build resilience for future shocks. 

Help to grow programme

Announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak at the 2021 Budget, the programme offers finance directors and other senior business leaders practical management training through a combination of online sessions and face-to-face training. The government is footing 90% of the costs, leaving the business to pick up the remaining £750 cost.

The government expects 30,000 senior leaders to take up the subsidised programme, with registrations now open until the end of October. The programme is designed for senior decision makers at small or medium sized businesses that employ between 5 and 249 people and have operated for more than one year. 

However, since the course is strictly to boost economic recovery, charities are not able to participate in the programme.

Dozens of participating business schools across the country, accredited by the Small Business Charter, will offer 50 hours of tuition with one to one support from the business mentor. 

Open for roles such as chief executive, finance director and operations director, the programme claims it will arm these candidates with skills in financial management and marketing. 

The nine key areas covered in the 12 week programme include, strategy and innovation, building vision and brand, adopting digital technology, engaging and inspiring teams, growing national and international markets, financial management and leading for high performance.   

The course itself comprises eight facilitated online 2-hour sessions, four practical, face-to-face case study workshops and one-to-one support from a mentor. The overall result of this educational menu is to provide the Help to Grow student with a personalised support to develop their business growth plan. 

Beyond the curriculum, the 12-week programme also includes peer networking opportunities and access to an alumni programme which includes inspirational speakers and business clinics.

‘Turbocharge economy’

Sunak heralded the Help to Grow programme as fuelling the government’s plan for jobs, boosting productivity across the UK and it will “turbocharge our economic recovery”.  

“Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy, creating jobs and prosperity across the United Kingdom. That's why we're introducing help to grow a scheme that will give them the tools they need to innovate, grow, and help drive our recovery from Coronavirus,” Sunak said. 

“In fact, there's evidence to suggest that even small improvements in management practices can lead to 10% increases in productivity.”

With only one person per business allowed to attend the course, and a three month investment, would you see value in attending a course like this? 

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By Paul Crowley
31st Aug 2021 15:09

Maybe there should be another programme
Teaching MTD ITSA to people on small incomes

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