Harlequin settles Wilkins Kennedy libel action

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Property company Harlequin has settled its libel action against accountancy firm Wilkins Kennedy, its former employee Jeremy Newman and the firm’s current partner Martin McDonald.

The two accountants were at the heart of a previous fraud case in Ireland in which Harlequin won more than US$2m in damages from a former contractor.

But in this separate case, the action arose from a website which alleged that the business operated by Harlequin was a fraudulent ‘Ponzi’ scheme.

The company issued a joint statement with McDonald and Newman today, which said...

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By plummy1
06th Nov 2013 08:18

No Smoke without fire?

For a company which has been faced with so much acrimony from investors and the wider financial community Harlequin seem to be winning a lot of their legal battles. Although I'm sure there are arguments for saying the company has not been run as well as it good have been nobody has yet proved that any illegal activity has gone on. Having invested in Harlequin myself I wait to see what the next twist in the tail might be. I consul myself with the fact that people with more financial nouse than me have also invested. 









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