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Hartnett joins HSBC financial crime committee

6th Feb 2013
Freelance journalist
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Dave Hartnett, the former head of HMRC is to work for HSBC, helping the bank combat financial crime.

Hartnett, the former chief executive of HSBC, and Bill Hughes, former head of the Serious Organised Crime Agency, are among a group that will head a new financial crime committee that will be set up to ensure tighter compliance with tightening global regulations.

The formation of the new committee comes after the bank's US$1.9bn settlement of money-laundering allegations late last year.

Hartnett, who retired last summer, was accused of making “sweetheart” tax deals when settling disputes with Vodafone and Goldman Sachs.

Hartnett has argued that his “pragmatic approach” got the best possible deal for taxpayers.

Last year a protest group entered a dinner at which Hartnett was speaking and attempted to present him a spoof “Golden Handshake” award. Hartnett was speaking at the New College Oxford event, hosted by Tax Chambers, when a group of activists called WeAreTheIntruders presented him with a “lifetime achievement award for services to corporate tax planning”.

Fellow diners initially reacted positively, thinking the award was genuine, until the penny dropped, leading to the group being ejected from the hall singing “For He's a Jolly Good Fellow”. A dinner guest, believed to be a senior tax lawyer, was caught on camera calling the protesters "trespassing scum" and told them to leave "before we set the dogs on you".


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By memyself-eye
06th Feb 2013 19:56

Jobs for the boys

To think I bank with HSBC and will get a pension from them soon...very soon.

Bet it won't match his salary!

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By moneymanager
08th Feb 2013 13:52

Try it on

Try taking a 'pragmatic' approach with HMRC over the two and tuppence a pro bono client owes.

They are more likely to end up in front of Hartnet's committee colleague's old pals with a POCA charge.


And by the way how come all the great and the good in 'the house' got away from prosecution where some poor builder/second hand car tradeer had th ebook thrown at him.


Silly question.

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By chatman
08th Feb 2013 14:00

Hartnett and HSBC
Quite well matched given recent revelations. Can't see he'll restore their credibility though. Isn't the problem that they both have difficulty refusing favours to extremely rich organisations?

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Nichola Ross Martin
By Nichola Ross Martin
11th Feb 2013 17:57

"Hartnett, the former chief executive of HSBC"

surely, not.

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