HMRC publishes call centre stats

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HMRC has published its call centre statistics for the first time in a bid to increase transparency.

In August, HMRC chief executive Lin Homer announced the recruitment of 1,000 extra call centre staff to meet the department's target to answer 90% of all calls. 

The figures will now be published on a quarterly basis and deal with HMRC's eight contact centres across the UK, dealing with tax, tax credits, child benefit, bereavement, employers and an agent dedicated helpline.

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06th Nov 2012 14:11

Load of pish

Its training they need as well as more staff.

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07th Nov 2012 08:15


to answer 90% of calls?  Even if the caller waits for 45 minutes apparently?

57% of calls aren't answered within two minutes?  That is an age.  Many businesses aim to answer after two rings, but HMRC don't seem to have any target at all on time to answer.

Of course, the first poster is correct.  If the staff were better trained and got things right, there would be less need for telephone calls.

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By Locutus
07th Nov 2012 09:06

But 500,000 more taxpayers
I read that the changes to child benefit (withdrawal between £50k and £60k income) will result in up to 500,000 more people being added to self assessment.

I would imagine the new 1,000 recruits will be kept busy!

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to lionofludesch
07th Nov 2012 13:01


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07th Nov 2012 09:08


They spend years trying to take people out of self-assessment and now they are going to lump another half million back in because of the governments terrible plan of collecting child benefit through self-assessment.

I mean seriously, how much are these guys paid to come up with stuff like this??

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07th Nov 2012 11:59

Money Money Money

The statistic that I would like to see is how much money HMRC make from leaving people on hold on an 0845 number?  Wonder what my "Customers" would say if charged them for telephoning me.  Suppose they have to pay for the 1000 extra staff from somewhere.

Couldn't agree more with the point made earlier, the majority of my phone calls are to sort out HMRC errors, I have begun to end my calls by saying "Thank you for allowing me to help you correct your records"!!!!!

And aside from completely disagreeing with the whole child benefit issue, why oh why introduce it along with the RTI changes, I know they go together but seriously the complete lack of HMRC training and resources means that we all know it will end in chaos with the poor old tax payer footing the bill to sort it out.

Oh well keeps me in a job.

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By AKing
07th Nov 2012 12:43

Anyone got the link?

Nice to see the news item.

But does anyone have a link to the actual statistics so we can see them in more detail please?

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to lionofludesch
07th Nov 2012 14:14


AKing wrote:

Nice to see the news item.

But does anyone have a link to the actual statistics so we can see them in more detail please?

Hello AKing, 

Apologies, I thought I had included a hyperlink.

You can now find them by clicking on "call centre statistics" in the first line. 



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07th Nov 2012 13:21


With a risk of sounding all private eye

1000 staff for call centers to explain in essence a crazy tax system and to deal with their mistakes (there is rarely a requirement to call otherwise)

100 staff for tax investigations

and presumably 1 member of staff (probably a contractor operating through their own limited company, as I have had several IT clients do with HMRC) devoted to making things better. 

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07th Nov 2012 13:59

Please Do NOT Call Taxpayers Customers!!

The last time I telephoned HMR&C as a "customer" on behalf of my son it took 27 minutes to get through.

Do they record how many people give up telephoning?

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08th Nov 2012 13:29

Give me strength!

According to the small print:


“% call attempts handled: This is the percentage of all call attempts that are either answered by an advisor or dealt with successfully by an automated message. We count a call as being dealt with successfully by an automated message if the customer terminates the call directly after listening to the particular message.”


So, if you hang up in disgust after waiting for some useful information or contact, which wasn’t in the recorded message; your call has been successfully handled.


And… more than a quarter of calls aren’t answered at all. 

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13th Nov 2012 11:11





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to ChrisScullard
13th Nov 2012 11:45

Upper Case

Please don't shout.

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31st Jan 2014 19:24

What about consideration for HMRC staff!

I am an experienced Tax Credits advisor who would like to give my view of HMRC,

They expect 90% of calls to be answered within the coming tax years although they are getting rid of hundreds of HMRC staff in the next couple of months.

After several extensions from the original 6 month contracts, HMRC are getting rid of the temporary staff by the end of March 2014 throughout the nation, even though it was only recently promised that HMRC will make an up most effort to take 90% of calls. How will this be possible by ending employment for hundreds of staff throughout the UK? As well as having the statistics that there will be more of an increase of Tax Credit customers then ever predicted before, which obviously increases the number of call volume.

I would like to make the point of HMRC having no appreciation for their call center staff that take the brunt and flak of most of the government legislations muck ups. Also they wont make us permanent because they apparently cannot afford to do so, and the question still looms, how can they expect such a high percentage of calls to be answered when they are getting rid of trained staff that have 3 years experience?

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