Jailed ex-Revenue man ordered to pay £114k

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A court has ordered a former Inland Revenue employee serving a four-year prison sentence to pay 114,245 over the next nine months.

Judge Charles Gibson made the confiscation order, at Inner London Crown Court, against 49-year old Errol Mark.

Mark was jailed in September 2004 after being found guilty of cheating the public revenue of more than 185,000.

The Revenue reported that Judge Gibson said: "Errol Mark was the inside man. He was aware of the internal processes and computer systems. None of the fraudulent claims could have succeeded without him. I deem his benefit of the total fraud as 60%."

Mark was ordered to pay this sum within the next nine months. Failure to pay will result in a further two years' prison sentence in addition to the four years already being served.

The Revenue added: "I...

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