Key lessons for UK small business accountants

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Mark Lee
Mentor and Speaker for accountants
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Mark Lee explores the findings of a report into the key triggers for success among small businesses in the UK, which he says contains lessons for accountants and their practices and clients. 

The report was published last month and identifies the triggers for success among small and medium-sized businesses. 

The research was conducted by Professor Mark Saunders and Professor David Gray of the University of Surrey. It is based on the views of over 1,000 business leaders in the UK and delves into the key triggers for success. 


  • Success
  • Finance
  • Cashflow
  • Networking and social media
  • Entrepreneurial orientation
  • Learning orientation
  • Advice and support
  • Concluding remarks

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07th Nov 2012 16:36

AIMS Accountants for Business

AIMS represents the largest network of independant qualified accountants in the UK and we are in constant contact with over 15,000 small businesses. As we approach our 20th year its nice to reflect on some of the lessons that you have highlighted.

We see a lot of examples of best practice for small businesses and one of the most important is open and honest communication with our clients.

You can find out more about what we do on our website;


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