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Wage slaves apart, most of us are - at heart - deeply proud of the business that we work for: even more so when the business or firm is one that we have built from scratch.

So it is great to hear about the US branch of Deloitte which is asking its employees to make a video lauding what is great about the firm's culture.

Generally though, we have precious little opportunity to shout about our achievements. Well, now is your chance. We are asking you to send us a video telling us what is great about your business culture?

  • Do you feel part of a team?
  • Are you listened to by your superiors?
  • Do you have a part in building the company ethos?

Your video should be not more than 10 minutes long. The best will be shown on accountingWEB, and the video we...

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26th Sep 2007 19:15

Video over email?
I wouldn't recommend sending video files over email. How about trying

Here's a link that might be useful.

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