Low cost high class: The rise of the all business airlines. By Dan Martin

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Over the past few years a new breed of business class only airlines have entered the market with prices below that of the more traditional carriers. Dan Martin travelled to New York with Silverjet, the latest of the new arrivals, to find out what they have to offer.

In 1995, when Stelios Haji-Ioannou now Sir Stelios flew into the air travel market with easyJet, he shook up the industry. The concept of in-your-face, brightly coloured aircraft, flying passengers who have to pay for their food and drinks between the UK and continental Europe for the price of a CD was unheard of. Now there are many rival low cost airlines some more successful than others and even British Airways often offers prices comparabl...

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20th Nov 2007 18:49

Nice one Dan - you've clearly not flown biz before or had the benefits of a 1K United card. The flipside is that when you fly that much (check my Dopplr schedule) then it all gets pretty boring anyway and of course you're always at the mercy of air traffic control - regardless of which operator is involved.

All the airlines are competing for this class of passenger and I would say the service you got is pretty 'standard' for biz class. The price however is pretty impressive.

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By dan06
21st Nov 2007 09:35

First time business class
Dennis, that was kind of the point of my article. I was investigating whether at much cheaper prices than traditional carriers, the new breed of airlines offer the real chance for people who wouldn't normally do so to travel business class. This was the exact point the construction MD I mentioned in the article made.

Dan Martin
Business Editor

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