New HMRC checks to tackle VAT car crime

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Rachael Power
Community Correspondent
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HMRC has launched a new online system and guidance for tax agents on VAT on vehicles brought permanently into the UK.

The new system, Notification of Vehicle Arrivals (NOVA), can be checked by the DVLA and is primarily put in place to simplify the process and counter fraudsters evading VAT on vehicles brought in from overseas.

According to the Revenue...

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18th Apr 2013 16:01

That's all well and good, but what about the migrant workers from the EU, who state they are in the UK for fewer than 6 months when they know that they have annual contracts or even permanent employment here? 

Their cars may well be taxed and insured, but in their country of nationality. They don't always return there within the 6 months to validate the exemption they are claiming.  These people will never volunteer to register their vehicles in the UK as it is much more expensive than risking any penalties for driving them here without any formalities.

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18th Apr 2013 19:09

VAT and duty is applicable only to new vehicles

which are entered into service in the past six months or have less then 6000 km. Most migrant workers have old second- hand cars and therefore they would not have to pay neither VAT or duty.

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