No accounting for taste ep5: Carillion, self assessment and Brexit

No accounting for taste
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The fallout from Carillion's collapse headlines this week's podcast but there are plenty of other stories for the editorial team to chew over, including Brexit and client chasing during the busy self assessment season.

Joining Tom Herbert on this week's pod are Francois Badenhorst and Richard Hattersley.

If you’d like more information on the stories discussed on the podcast, here are the links:

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We hope you enjoy the show, and if you have any topics you'd like us to cover in two weeks' time please add them to the comments box below.

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22nd Jan 2018 16:51

Nationalising the audit function? I didn't realise the socialist worker was doing podcasts now... but on a serious note, if you the think the gvt and all their vested interests and lobbyists will do a better job you're deluded.

And it's actually two FTSE 100 not audited by the big four - Randgold (Grant Thorton) and the delightful Sports direct (BDO).

Keep up the good (ish) work chaps!

Thanks (1)