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Passle's content creation crusade

1st Jun 2015
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One of Accountex 2015’s hidden gems was a new social media app is hoping to help accountants get online savvy.

Passle (pronounced pass-ul) was recently described on AccountingWEB blog by Fran Kidd as “a micro blogging portal designed to help professional advisers, who are knowledge rich but time poor, post short real-time updates to one account. Each post was then shared to Twitter, LinkedIn and respective websites.”

“Content marketing is becoming more and more important for individuals in professional services,” Passle’s Sam Dight told AccountingWEB at Accountex. “You might be someone who is fantastic at giving advice face-to-face – but they probably don’t communicate online with potential new clients. We’ve got a platform that enables them to do that.”

Passle works as browser add-on. “When someone is reading a news article they’re interested in, all they have to do is highlight a piece of text, press a button and add their expert opinion,” said Dight. “They finish their blog and it’s immediately sent into their website.”

Passle doesn’t create the content, that job is strictly for the accountant. “They’re the expert,” said Dight. The aim is to turn accountants into thought leaders. According to Dight this concept of “thought leadership is at the core of the business – it has to be led by the individual.”

AccountingWEB member Tim Prizeman uses Passle. “I find it very easy to use and like the approach of using it to comment on other articles I happen to be reading,” he wrote. “It integrates well with my Twitter and LinkedIn too It is early days yet, but am looking forward to continuing to use it to share my views on leadership and PR issues.”

Any other Passle users out there? What’s been your experience? 


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