Polish workers cheapest in Europe. By Dawn Smith

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A new survey by Deloitte shows a huge variation in the cost of employing people in Europe, with the UK being the 7th most expensive location out of 20 EU countries surveyed, and Poland being the cheapest. The UK's average remuneration cost was 30,447 in 2005, an increase of 14% on 2004. Poland's was just over 3,880, with Estonia and Slovenia not far behind at 5,117 and 5,703. Germany was the most expensive place to hire people, with an average remuneration cost of 34,309.

The UK's high wages costs compared to its eastern neighbours will continue to present a competitive challenge to British businesses, says Ashley Unwin, partner in consulting at Deloitte: 'The UK will continue to be exposed to pressures from Eastern Europe in labour intensive industries. Currently, UK companies have located...

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