Preparing for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

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Jim Green of Envos outlines what affected firms should be doing to prepare for the new Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme) comes into effect from April 2010, and will herald a major change in the way that many UK businesses use and think about energy. The changes are likely to be just the start of an ongoing process to incentivise companies to reduce their carbon footprints, and penalise those who fail to take action.

The initiative builds on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, which affects the largest energy users and requires them to buy allowances to produce emissions beyond a base level. The new CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme rolls out the concept of purchasing allowances to cover less energy int...

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28th Oct 2009 15:18

It's sad that

this article has been read 397 times but one on the same email on capital vs revenue 3500 times. It shows how much we think in general about these types of issues!

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