Public sector to suffer 15 year recession

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The impact of the global economic downturn could be felt for as long as 15 years in some areas of the public sector, according to delegates at an international public finance conference.

Imminent government cutbacks in the public sector were blamed for the gloomy outlook. The ACCA’s head of public sector Gillian Fawcett explained: “There is a strong belief in the public sector that it will feel the economic pain longer than the private sector given the government’s need to make savings to pay for measures to beat the recession”.

Organised by the ACCA in partnership with the Office for Public Management and Transparency, the Leadership in Public Finance conference brought together delegates from the UK, mainland Europe, China and Africa.

Voting at the conferenc...

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By tomkean
30th Oct 2009 14:09

Strange headline

How do you get "Public Sector to Suffer 15 Year Recession" from the quoted statistics that say 40% of respondents thought it would be 5 years, 35% thought it would be 10 years and 15% thought it would be 15 years or more.

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