Regulation on gender pay gap not the answer, says FSB. By Steve Roth

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Private business pressure group the Forum of Private Business says the Women and Work Commission (WWC) is right to resist union attempts to impose onerous new red tape on small firms to narrow the pay gap.

The FPB supports recommendations in the WWC 'Shaping a Fairer Future' report launched yesterday at Downing Street to improve vocational training for women and steer them away from stereotypical professions.

"Small firms are already sweltering in a pressure cooker of red tape and regulation and the last thing they need is yet more costly regulation,' said the FPB's Campaigns Manager Victoria Carson. "Amicus is wrong to demand pay audits, that would just be another burden. "

Ms Carson said small firms are crying out for skilled workers to fill jobs.

"Small firms want the best person for the jo...

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03rd Mar 2006 16:38

Women and Work Commission
In reference to the Business Zone article about the WWC, I agree that it is right to resist more red tape and union inspired 'pay audits' which are a daft idea. However what is the point of £20M in funding to raise skill levels. It's, I assume, more money that will be largely wasted by more government quango's.
I am also unsure what "Promotion of quality part time work" means. As for "matching jobs and skills locally" isn't this what the free market actually does anyway and it will work fine if not messed about with?

I am horrified by the thought of "Equality reprasentatives" too. Do we want to promote business in this country or shall we all give up and go on the dole or joint the old Soviet Union? Equality representatives indeed; fetch me a bucket!

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