Riot aftermath: what you can do to help

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Now that the dust appears to have settled from UK-wide rioting, AccountingWEB members have looking at the practical effects on businesses.

Advice offered within Any Answers has ranged from insurance issues to making a claim under the Riot Act, as well as finding new finance and support.

The Association of British Insurers has suggested that generally, these events will be covered, however many clients have been informed by their insurers that civil disturbances are not covered by their policies.

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    11th Aug 2011 15:58

    HMRC extends helping hand

    HMRC has announced a helpline number (0845 366 1207) for businesses and individuals adversely affected by the recent civil disorder.

    According to the Revenue the helpline is available to provide “comprehensive advice and deal sympathetically with problems currently faced by businesses and individuals.”

    In particular, HMRC will:

    agree payment schedules with those who are unable to pay their tax bills due to short-term financial difficultiesdiscuss practical solutions where businesses and individuals cannot meet their other obligations to HMRC – for instance, their records have been lost or destroyed in the disturbances

    HMRC will review any penalties imposed and withhold additional surcharges that would normally be triggered by missed deadlines.

    The Civil Disorder helpline will be available from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

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    12th Aug 2011 16:17

    Riot (Damages) Act claims

    Did I hear the Prime Minister say in Parliament that the period for lodging Riot (Damages) Act claims had been extended from 14 days to 42 days?

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    12th Aug 2011 16:52

    Riot damages

    Yes, see Direct Gov website which will provide claim forms shortly.  I blogged earlier today on the reaction from various bodies - ACAS,banks and Companies House are also prepared to be sympathetic/flexible if e.g. documents are lost or short term finance is needed.

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    15th Aug 2011 17:07

    no comment

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    to Old Greying Accountant
    14th Aug 2011 01:16

    There is no current alternative

    southsands wrote:

    Best thing that could happen is for Nick Clegg to pull out of coalition and force a general election.

    This advice does not appear to have any relevance to the question of what accountants can do to help in the riots' aftermath.

    Nick Clegg will not pull out of the coalition in the foreseeable future because all the opinion polls show that his party would then lose most of its seats. If there was a General Election there would be the risk of returning to power the party that put the country in its current parlous position. That position includes leaving us with a minority of youngsters who are ill-educated, ill-disciplined and unemployable. But only a minority - almost all the youngsters I encounter are courteous and industrious. The proposed cuts are not an excuse for the riots because, stringent or not, they have only started to be implemented.

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    to DotasScandalDotOrg
    15th Aug 2011 17:08

    No comment

    no comment

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    By Locutus
    14th Aug 2011 14:12


    I don't think the riots have anything to do with foreigners let in to work or indeed budget cuts but everything to do with bad attitudes / lack of respect / bad education within certain sections of society.  The sad fact is that our own unemployed seem to have been unwilling or unable to do the necessary work that the half million or so Eastern Europeans came to do.

    Apart from possibly the initial riot, none of the subsequent riots seem to have been "political".  They seem to have been opportunistic looting by quickly assembled groups of people that believed the police had lost control and that there would be little chance of getting caught.

    If you are struggling with bad debts then the simple solution is to get clients to pay partly or even wholly in advance or pay by standing order / direct debit, like plenty of other accountants on this forum do.

    Many potential clients also want my time for less than I am willing to work for.  I politely decline and concentrate on the good quality clients that are prepared to pay.

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    15th Aug 2011 12:04

    Riots (so called)

    The events of last week were not "riots" as in protests or as Wiki defined.

    This was naked anarchy a la Mad Max and the prepertrators could not articulate adequately why they were doing it (not that many could actually "articulate" anyway).

    Not having a job, beacuse "the foreign workers stole them" or "the bankers stole their future" or not "having respect" (a two way street, I thought) makes it ok to literally kick someone to death, does it? Or rob another, after he's had his skull caved in?

    I have acted for recruitment and labour providors, whose first hand experience is they can only get non UK workers to do a lot of jobs the indigenous population feel is beneath them. Also that the average non UK worker does actually have a work ethic.

    Lastly, on cuts - as accountants, we should all know if income is insufficient and expenses are too high, it has to come from somewhere - in the case of Labour, borrowing. Cuts ARE needed, unless we wish to join Greece and Ireland, the US and likely Italy, Spain and Portugal.

    Get real!

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    By RogerMT
    16th Aug 2011 16:06

    England = UK? I think not!

    To be fair to our friends in Scotland, Wales & NI the riots were "England wide" not "UK wide".

    As far as the topic goes, will HMRC now desist from using heavy handed private debt collectors in affected areas?

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