Royal finances in disarray

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Gina Dyer
Deputy Editor
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Spiralling costs have plunged the Queen into financial crisis, according to recent published reports.

The Queen’s financial management has come under fire in a recent report by the Independent newspaper, which suggests that the monarch requested public money to maintain palaces whilst allowing royals and courtiers to live rent-free in many of them. It also suggests that the Queen is ‘pressing hard’ for a pay rise.

The newspaper says it has gained access to more than 100 letters, emails, memos and other documents passed between Buckingham Palace and the government which outlines the extent of mounting debt facing the royal household.

It claims that back in 2004 a request was put forward by the Keeper of the Privy Purse, Sir Alan Reid (a former KPMG p...

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By Anonymous
07th Apr 2010 09:23

As Billy Connolly would say............

Gettie fa ya bassa !

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By Anonymous
07th Apr 2010 17:15

Sharing the pain......

It's gratifying to know that Her Majesty shares the pain felt by her subjects. It must be very distressing having all these palaces to maintain and wondering how to get the taxpayers to foot even more of a bill than they do now. Shame.......

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