Small business agency to face radical overhaul. By Dan Martin

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The government's much criticised Small Business Service (SBS) is to be radically downsized, trade and industry secretary Alistair Darling has revealed.

According to Darling, the government's main agency for supporting small firms, which has been condemned by many groups for failing to deliver, will be restructured to make it "smaller and more focused on what it can do".

A recent report by the National Audit Office warned that the SBS lacks significant influence across Whitehall, while a study by the British Chambers of Commerce showed that the majority of SME bosses believe the agency has failed on six of the government's seven targets for supporting small businesses.

Speaking to the 'Financial Times', Darling said: "[The SBS] will have a much smaller policy focus and a much closer tie-up wit...

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20th Sep 2006 12:54

Here we go again .....
The problem with the SBS and all the other government agencies is that there are too many of them and no one really knows which one you go to and why.

Same with government funding, whether central, local or european, there are too many, its too confusing.

Next, quality of advice, again this varies between agencies and areas.

They need to consider scrapping it all, set up a single agency, a one stop shop for all advice and funding, and once in the agency direct you to the relevant part that will assist you.

Also, ensure the advisors are suitably qualified, experienced and product aware.

Just my two pennies worth.

Holden Associates
The Small Business Blog

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22nd Sep 2006 13:39

What about Business Link
Can anyone remind me what the relationship is between SBS and Business Link?

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