Small business consultation: The revolution's here

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By Simon Sweetman

We are all ready to make a great fuss about the government seeking to cover up news by issuing it on a bank holiday or in the middle of a test match. This week HMRC made some very significant moves for small business, which it seems to have made difficult to find by accident rather than design. Apart from AccountingWEB, nobody has taken a bit of notice. The Chancellor mentioned them in his speech to the CBI, but most of the press was too busy reading between the lines to take any notice of what he actually said.

I know that many people believe that the consultation document called 'Making the new relationship a reality', which was issued at the time of the last Budget was mere flannel and that nothing would ever change in HMRC's approach to small business. We can all be cyn...

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05th Dec 2005 21:24

missed the point
Simon, the reason no-one bothers is that everyone knows that what is proposing is far from a revolution but pure common sense.
We are paying civil servants a fortune so don't you think they should act on common sense before they make a hash of things then say "hey look we really have been listening".
Sorry for being pessimistic but I've heard it all before.
If you want a real revolution get rid of GB and make way for GC-B.

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