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A recent survey found that although internal communication in UK companies is improving steadily, staff still feel unable to 'speak up'.

In a poll undertaken by ORC International, 64% of workers claimed to be aware of their organisation's long term goals. The figure shows a significant rise from the 52% response when the same sentiments were tested in 1999.

Kate Pritchard, ORC International's employee research manager, commented: 'Our research demonstrates that UK employers are increasingly recognising that effective internal communication is critical.'

Other key findings include:

  • 55% of employees believe they are kept informed about what their company is doing, compared to 44% in 1999
  • 56% of employees feel they are informed about matters affecting them, compared to 49% in 1999...

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09th Feb 2005 10:23

Regulations about to change this
Businesses will soon be obliged to listen to employee respresentatives or face a fine of £75,000 under the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004.

Under these regs if 10% of the workforce want to have a representative to negotiate and consult on their behalf the employer must set up a formal arrangement to do this. Many large companies already have works councils that perform this role. However some form of formal consultation will become complusory for many more employers from the following dates:

6 April 2005 - those with 150 or more employees
6 April 2007 - with 100 or more employees
6 April 2008 - with 50 or more employees.

Rebecca Cave

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