The accountants’ election

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Whatever happens between the political parties, the most likely outcome of this year’s general election is a big swing towards the accountancy party.

The parliament that dissolved included 10 MPs with accountancy qualifications. While Labour’s stalwart and CIPFA member Harry Cohen is standing down, there is a bumper crop of accountants among the election’s parliamentary candidates - so far we've identified 50 or so with links to the profession.

Few members of the profession would be surprised to learn that the Conservatives are most strongly represented, with 25 accountant-candidates. The list included several young, photogenic women; in its bid to recruit Cameron cuties to see beat back “Blair’s babes”, the Tory party has used accountancy as a major recruiting ground.

The Liberal Democrats have a surprisingly strong contingent of 17 accountants. If the party can sustain its strong showing in the pre-election polls, several of these candidates could find themselves with a new career on 7 May.

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By Anonymous
30th Apr 2010 12:42

Nasser Butt[***] Lib Dem not labour

Just thought you mkight want to update his details. Thanks Razia

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30th Apr 2010 13:07


Checked and updated. Apologies for the error!

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