The state of access to bank finance

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The government's entrepreneur-in-residence Lawrence Tomlinson reflects on whether the economic upturn is having an impact on businesses' access to finance.

Originally appearing in our sister title BusinessZone, Tomlinson questions if the banking marketplace is capable of offering sustainable lending to businesses.

Tomlinson explained that the last five years...

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    24th Apr 2014 14:25

    Why do you

    even contemplate believing what the banks are saying? It's been a mess ever since Maggie got kicked out.

    This is a country of "boom and bust" and nothing has changed. We've had the bad bit, hopefully we will be coming out of the EU shortly which will give us the "boom" especially with a lot of outside investors.

    Give it 10 - 15 years and we will be in the same position that we were a few years ago. John Major and Gordon Brown tried hard to "control" growth, but, in this country, it is impossible to do that.

    The reason is simple. We are individuals and as such compete on a personal basis rather than a corporate one. Europe works on a different system. I didn't realise how much the difference was until a couple of clients went into Europe in a big way.

    What the banks have been trying to do is to stop the individuals who make a fortune, create jobs, but then go under. How does that song go "pick yourself up, dust yourself down. and start all over again.

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