Top tips for keeping the office cool in summer

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Are you staff sweltering in the heat? Read Ian Penfold's top environmentally friendly tips for keeping your workplace cool.

The heat can make working in the office a nightmare; dealing with dehydrated and lethargic staff is no fun, so stop the techiness before it starts by using these handy tips.

Use sun-protecting window film

As window film rejects up to 75% of solar heat, buildings and cars stay cooler without the use of air conditioning. The best window film vendors are also registered as Carbon Negative, which emphasises their dedication to reducing CO. It also gives you more privacy if you opt for the frosted version.

Turn off your appliances

Leaving appliances such as printers and computers on standby can use up almost as much energy as when they...

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12th Jul 2010 18:02

Not quite; airflow

and have buckets of water in the office – the evaporation of these helps to cool the air

It will help cool the bucket, while raising the humidity of the air, making it feel clammy !

A good option if possible is to open windows or vents at the top the the room/building or top of a staircase (ideally, a ceiling vent), while also having ventilation coming from the bottom of the office(s).

This lets hot air out and draws in cooler air from below, without any electrical assistance.

Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere to stay hydrated

I would suggest drinking the water ! but don't overdo it, you can last a morning without a drink unless you are sweating profusely.

Lastly, windows shades or blinds to reflect incoming solar heat back outside.

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By laarns
27th Jul 2015 01:34

wow! thank you for these tips, we've been experiencing that kind of situation here though it's not summer because the air conditioner is broken so it has to be fixed so that it will be used again..

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By Izzy17
21st Sep 2017 14:46

These are great tips, our office has been almost unbearable over the last few months so I will definitely be making use of these! Honestly I don’t know what it is, but some days we’ve all just been sweaty messes, especially days when it’s even vaguely nice weather outside. I was actually considering getting some air conditioning if this continues, just because not only do we all feel awful, but it’s also just so distracting when you’re that hot! So I know this is a long shot but does anyone here happen to know what air conditioning their office uses? My friend said her company has this air con: . Does anyone else’s office use this? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? I can’t say I’m really a big air conditioning expert so any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!

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