Why corporate reputation matters

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Contrary to conventional wisdom, reputation isn’t amorphous.  It is, in fact, a hard measure – a currency of your organisation – that requires the same attention as the investment of time and money that goes into everything your enterprise does.

Why?  Because reputation is the public face of your organization.  It is what your customers see – no matter your size, sector or longevity.  Moreover, because of the power of social networking, it’s no longer altogether within your control.

Your organization’s reputation is the outcome of every operational decision and action taken at every level every day.  That makes it a make or break for your organization – from its share value after a disaster (think BP) to the trajectory to the top of its particular tree (think Apple).  But it also makes it both manageable and measurable.

As well, because reputation can be measured by looking at both the Errors of Omission and Errors of Commission that your organization has perpetrated and experienced, your background gives you a particularly valuable and insightful tool to help you contribute directly and valuably to your organization as it strategizes its future.  Reputation included.

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