Year-long wait for Natwest Three trial. By Dan Martin

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The former British bankers known as the 'Natwest Three' must wait for another 12 months before they are tried over allegations of fraud linked to collapsed energy firm Enron.

In a preliminary hearing in Houston on Wednesday, a judge said the trial will take place on September 4 2007. He originally set it for February 5 but the date was rejected by the three men's lawyers who said they needed at least 12 months to prepare their case.

The judge also refused demands that he should step down from the case over claims of a conflict of interest. He previously had links with law firm Vinson & Elkins which helped Enron create the off-shore investment vehicles that led to the Natwest Three's indictment.

During a separate hearing, Magistrate Judge Stephen Smith ruled that the electronic tags currently...

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13th Sep 2006 14:00

For some reason all I can hear is George Michaels "shoot the dog" playing in my head!

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13th Sep 2006 13:33

I still don't understand the basis on which the US courts claim jurisdiction. Does anyone know the legal basis on which 3 of Her Majesty's subjects were abducted by aliens, chained and then transported to a foreign land?

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