YO! Sushi: A modern day rescue story

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YO! Sushi in Paddington Station is a model of efficiency. As you sit at the bar, endless dishes of raw fish, noodles and other delicacies pass before your eyes. All you do is pick a dish, eat and pay. Simple. What customers do not see is the financial mountain the company has had to climb to keep food on the table.

YO! Sushi was formed by entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe in 1997 and was an instant hit. But although the first four restaurants were phenomenally successful, there was little financial rigour. By 2001, the chain was heavily in debt and some of its newer restaurants were failing to perform.

By the time Zoe Tyndall arrived at YO! Sushi as FD in 2001, the company was approaching financial meltdown. 'It was a true entrepreneurial company,' says Tyndall. 'It was all about brand and custom...

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13th Jul 2005 11:12

Great story
How I wish we could see more of this kind of story in the media. Too often accountants are parodied as grey-haired, grey-suited miserly bean counters.

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14th Jul 2005 10:08

Small Service Based Business Financial Management Book Recomenda
I read the article on Zoe Tyndall with interest. There are so many books which cover these sort of stories - does anyone have a recommendtion for a good book which shows how to put her type of experience into practice? I am looking for a pratical guide to cash flow management, financial statements analysis and KPIs.

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