9am Lowdown: PwC calls for trust following EU vote

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Good morning and welcome to Friday's 9am Lowdown. 

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PwC calls for trust following EU vote

PwC’s chairman Kevin Ellis has expressed the need for organisations to demonstrate more transparency following the UK’s vote to leave the EU if they are going to regain the trust of the general public.

Ellis told an audience of business leaders at the annual Building Public Trust in corporate reporting awards how the Remain side of the vote failed to understand the trust issue within society, which led to many choosing to vote leave.

Ellis said: “For me, the Brexit vote has further heightened the importance of the trust agenda, transparency and moving from organisations being faceless to having greater humanity. Trust in large organisations seems to be at a particularly low ebb. We can do more to demonstrate shared values with the communities in which we operate, and to act in ways that people can see for themselves are fair and responsible.”

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Nelly’s fans try to pay his tax bill

Fans of the rapper Nelly are attempting to help the ‘Hot in Here’ artist pay back his $2.4m tax bill.

Nelly’s fans have started the hashtag #savenelly to encourage fans to stream the rapper’s songs through Spotify. According to the Guardian, fans have calculated that it one person were to pay off Nelly’s tax debt by themselves, it would take them 2,076 years streaming his songs over and over again.

The singer originally owed £149,511 in unpaid taxes to the Missouri department of Revenue from 2013, TMZ reports.

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Meet the client video

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