Software Review: Sage EIR (Excel Integrated Reporting). By David Carter

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Sage released their Excel Integrated Reporting (EIR) module in version 11 of Line 50 (2005). We havent reviewed it yet on AccountingWEB, but it is proving very useful to some users, as reader Jeremy Hall recently pointed out in answer to his own Any Answers question.

Use SAGE EIR add-in in Excel

To answer my own question, thanks to helpful people at Sage, you need to activate the SAGE EIR add- in in Excel. This then allows you to log in to Sage through Excel. There are a bunch of predefined reports which you can select and filter in usual way. You get all your data in Excel in nice tidy columns, just the way you want them. Beats exporting the report from Sage and having to tidy up to get rid of page headings etc. DEFINITELY worth knowing this one, and if there isn't a tutorial on it, it'...

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04th Oct 2007 15:58

you get functions as well
In addition to being able to run reports you get a set of new functions which you can include in your own spreadsheets to get data directly from the Sage database.

Just insert a function and there will be a new Sage Accounts category available

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By annamc
15th Apr 2014 10:19

Help in restoring SAGE reports in Excel

After uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials on 8th April and installing Avira anti-virus software I am unable to access Sage reports in Excel.

When trying to re-stablish the connection by choosing "Find another company" once I reach the SETUP.DTA file when I try to open it I receive the following message:

"The version of the date file could not be determined.  This is required in order to access the accounts data correctly."

Can anyone help please as I feel completely lost without being able to use reports in Excel.

Thank you.




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