Accountants chained to their desks as job cuts take their toll

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Gina Dyer
Deputy Editor
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Accountants are working longer hours than ever before, according to new findings from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

The average working week for CIMA members globally is 45 hours, although finance professionals in the US topped the polls at 50 hours a week, while those in South East Asia put in 48 – 50 hours on average. The primary reasons reported for the increase were understaffing/lack of resource (up 12% to 61% from 2009), and more responsibility/more pressure (down 3% to 63% from 2009).

“The survey findings show that economies around the world are beginning to recover, but organisations need to be mindful of the pressure on existing staff as workloads increase,” said Ray Perry, executive director of brand, profile and marketing at C...

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10th Sep 2010 15:19

Lucky & Unluckly!

There is no doubt that they are lucky enough on the bases of money and job but side by side their health and personal life is also suffering. We can totally understand, how much pressure and anxiety we have to face whenever deadlines come closer. On the other hand, personal life and enjoyment is about to finish when we face burden of work. 

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