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App review: Kagazz expenses management

14th Apr 2014
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Expenses software Kagazz has released a version of their app for Apple devices. Using an iPhone, Rachael Power investigates and provides a working review.

Expenses processing software Kagazz is relatively new to the market. It allows business and accountant users to submit receipts via email, post, online or through its app, which are converted into digital formats and integrated to accounting packages. 

It's currently integrated with FreshBooks and FreeAgent, but is looking to add more in the future. There's also an option to export to Excel.

Kagazz offers two types of plan to users: managed and DIY. 

DIY packages start from Lite (15 receipts per month), which is free, to £3.99 per month for Bronze (150 receipts per month), up to £69.80 per month for Gold (3000 receipts per month). You get additional features, such as group and user level reporting, the more you pay. 

Managed packages give users the option to send all receipts to Kagazz and get them to manually sort and input them for you. The pricing is the same as the DIY packages, except there's no Lite option.

The app has only recently appeared for iPhone, and is also available on Android devices. 

Getting started 

Kagazz is free to download, but currently provides no option to register via its interface. Therefore, you need to register separately online. 

Once you've validated your account via email, however, you're good to go. 

Using the app 

In-app, the user has access to four modules, presented as white buttons on an orange background: Manage Expenses, Tools, Settings and Help.

Despite being an early version, it doesn't crash, is quite quick and feels smooth. 

Manage expenses: This is the main area of the app, in which users can create folders to keep track of different types of expenses. 

Files are presented here with a little picture preview and include information about the expense - for example store name, amount, VAT, date, category and payment. 

You can update expenses, too, meaning if you make a mistake you can go back into it at any time and amend it. 

To add a new receipt, click the button in the top right hand corner. You have the option to then add a receipt from your camera, or your phone's gallery. 

After you've uploaded a picture, you can then chose manual or Kagazz scanner to input details. 

If you're adding details manually, it's fairly straightforward. The scanner speeds things up by allowing you to zoom in on items like the store name, date and amount and then automatically adds them for you. 

Once your receipts are uploaded, you can review and update them via the app and they will also appear in your accounting software package and Kagazz Portal (online). 

In addition, the app will also send you expense management alerts. 

Tools: This button includes two tools: Integration and VAT. Integration allows you to put in your accounting software details (currently only available for FreshBooks) and the VAT feature allows you to set and choose VAT rates. 

Settings: This includes Auto-login and the About section. 

Help: Generic FAQs are kept here - including how to access uploaded receipts. 


  • Expenses can be entered on the go, ensuring efficient use of travelling time and immediate processing of receipts before they are lost
  • It integrates with the iPhone camera to allow the attachment of photo proof of the receipt and can hone into details such as date, amount to auto-populate fields


  • Only currently integrates with FreeAgent and FreshBooks - and only FreshBooks on the app
  • Has no option to register via the app
  • However it's still in developmental stage so looking forward to see how it will develop

Rating: 3.5*/5* 

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By snawed22
23rd Apr 2014 12:59


The app allows users to choose integration with either FreeAgent or Freshbooks. Once the applicable option is chosen the chosen provider will be the only one shown. 

Registration is available via the Android app at present and will be made available for IOS devices in the near future.

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