CIMA salaries rise by 13% in UK

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Nick Huber
Freelance journalist
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Salaries for qualified CIMA accountants in the UK increased by 13% in 2013 to an average of £60,655 plus £6,055 in bonus payments, according to a survey by CIMA.

Part-qualified CIMA students in the UK earned 9% more in 2013 compared with 2012, earning an average of...

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By tom123
13th Nov 2013 11:26

Must be doing something wrong

Whenever I get pay increases (which is rare), along comes this survey.

I think I am probably now reaching the level in the CIMA survey ten years ago - hey ho.


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By Jim100
13th Nov 2013 13:00

Is this really true

I do question some of the accuracy of these salary surveys.

I just don't think 60K plus 10% bonus is an average (apart from in London) when I see accountants salaries advertised around the 40-45K mark.  Surprised employers are giving 13% increases to accountants when there are still many unemployed accountants and the economy isn't exactly buoyant.  Most people would be lucky to get pay increases that cover inflation. 

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