Data quality key to budgeting and forecasting

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Robert Lovell
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Two thirds of FDs surveyed said data quality and consistency was the biggest business challenge they face when it comes to budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

The Talentia Software research comes at a time when the role of finance departments is evolving to that of a wider business partner with an active involvement in the fulfilment of larger corporate objectives.

The new survey also revealed some major changes in budgeting habits, with a shift towards either monthly budgets or a zero-based approach to forecasting. However annual budgeting remains a core component of corporate performance management (CPM) for many.

Julie Windsor, managing director at Talentia Software, said...

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08th Nov 2013 10:03

Dear Lord protect me from Bullshit


 Or as general Custer might have said:

 "I need the correct information at the right time in the right place"

   Or as Hillel said (2,000 years ago- when the Roman officer asked him to explain the bible, whilst standing on one leg)

 "Do not do to others that which you would not want others to do to you. All the rest is commentary on how to get there".



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