Exporting data from Sage Line 50 into Excel #2. By David Carter

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In the first article we looked at the process of getting data out of Sage and into Excel via Sage's File'Send Contents To Excel facility.

When the data came over from Sage, a lot of work was required to clean it up - dates were not real dates, debits and credits were both exported as positive numbers, essential fields were missing.

This, unfortunately, is par for the course - in fact Sage is better than most. In practice, when exporting data into Excel you tend to find that most of the time is spent time tidying up the data ' producing the final management reports themselves often only takes a matter of minutes.

Data Capture from Excelforaccountants.com

Users need to get together to persuade software vendors to supply an 'analysis-ready file' as part of their package. The data...

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21st Oct 2004 15:32

Sage Line 50 v11 - extracting data is simple, straight forward a
To improve existing Microsoft integration, Sage Line 50 version 11 features Excel Integrated Reporting. This new feature integrates a Sage menu within Microsoft Excel allowing easy selection of a preformatted suite of reports.
Once the required report is selected it opens directly into an Excel Spreadsheet with no extra formatting necessary. In addition
to the reports provided any other standard or customised report created in Report Designer can be easily added to this list and opened within Microsoft Excel.

Excel Integrated Reporting also supports the easy selection and insertion of Sage Functions into a workbook. These functions are based on the existing Tables and Variables which have previously only been accessible through Report Designer and ODBC. Sage have provided sample workbooks to demonstrate what can be achieved with Sage Functions. These include tables, graphs, charts and pivot tables.

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20th Oct 2004 23:13

Doesn't include version 11
Yes, these notes don't refer to the new version 11 which I've just received this week.

If there are significant changes we'll cover them in article 3 or perhaps do a separate article.

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