Five tips to boost finance department efficiency

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Many financial processes have languished as organisations focused on other areas such as distribution or HR. Eclipse Group CEO Gary Waylett outlines a five-point agenda to redress this neglect.

Organisations have achieved impressive cost savings over the past few years, rationalising processes and streamlining operations to drive out inefficiency and improve performance. However, many financial processes have remained untouched as organisations have focused on areas of higher profile, such as distribution, or those with high administrative volumes, such as HR.

Here are five ways in which organisations can reap quick efficiency rewards within their finance teams. 

1. Manage incoming documents better

Paper-based information storage is exp...

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01st Nov 2012 13:27

Nice advert


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By Alf
02nd Nov 2012 09:27

No point in these articles

As suggested (more briefly) by steve.oldham, there is no point in having articles written by someone with an obvious vested interest. How can their advice have any credibility.

If we must have "advertorials" at least be up front about it eg a headline of "Gary Waylett explains the benefits of his company's products"

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