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'Make expenses disappear': Xero and Curve team up

2nd Oct 2017
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Curve, the London based fintech startup, has partnered up with Xero to simplify the expenses process. In fact, Curve says, the partnership will make “expense admin disappear”.

Curve is the brainchild of the influential Israeli entrepreneur Shachar Bialick. At its essence, it’s a card that allows you to link all your bank cards to a single Curve MasterCard. The Curve card is connected to a central mobile app, allowing you to flip between different cards while using just the one physical card.

Now, if you’re a Xero user, you can spend through any of your cards and Curve will do your expenses for you, sending them directly to your Xero software. Users then photograph their receipt, which is also sent directly to Xero. 

Curve’s tether to a Xero account will automatically import the right HMRC data for every transaction. The feature will also send all of a client’s business spend directly to Xero - even for accounts which were not able to directly feed into Xero before.

Setup is a few flicks of a button on the app, according to Arthur Leung, Curve's head of product and the man leading Curve’s expenses charge. The emphasis is on removing manual data entry and eliminating client errors. As for accidentally using the wrong card, Curve’s ‘Go Back in Time’ functionality allows you to retroactively assign an expenditure to the right card.

As for the future, the partnership of Xero is the first step, Leung tells AccountingWEB. The startup has bigger plans to integrate with other accounting software packages as part of its ‘Curve Connect’ feature. According to Leung, Curve hopes to become a platform that connects to a broad array of third-party apps and services.

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By stevedpearce
05th Oct 2017 10:35

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