My key KPI: Loan book growth

23rd Oct 2018
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My key KPI

‘My key KPI’ is a weekly content series where we ask CFOs and FDs what metrics and measures they use to drive their businesses forward.

The aim is to understand how different finance professionals across a broad array of industries and sectors use data to inform their decision making.

In this week's edition, Christian Müller, the CFO of SME lender Spotcap, talks about loan book growth. 


My key KPI: Loan book growth

Since its launch in 2014, the SME business lender Spotcap has issued over £220m in credit lines. That’s a lot of dough, and according to the company, it’s only ramping up. It has seen more than a 100% year-on-year increase in the volume of credit lines it has provided.

Sitting at the financial head of this rapidly expanding portfolio is Christian Müller. He jumped ship from Deutsche Bank and joined Spotcap as their CFO in 2016.

“I have an investment banking background, where I was primarily responsible for advising clients on mergers, acquisitions and related financing topics,” Müller said. “Although I enjoyed the work, I wanted a new challenge that would keep me within the financial landscape.”

Two years into his role at Spotcap, Müller’s key KPI ties in with the company’s burgeoning loan portfolio.

“As an on-balance sheet business lender we keep a close eye on our loan book growth,” he said. “It is our most telling metric as it touches every aspect of our customer journey. We use a range of metrics to measure awareness, user experience, product fit, loan fulfillment and customer retention, but ultimately these are all reflected in our loan book growth.

“In that sense it reflects the work of all of our people, and the satisfaction of our partner network, which includes accountants, and our customers.”

Loan book growth is the cornerstone of operations for lenders like Spotcap, according to Müller, as a healthy loan book represents a lending business with a great product, user experience and a sizeable customer base.

“Ultimately, a lender can only grow its loan book by increasing the number of client relationships it builds. For us, this means reaching small businesses directly, or through our partner network which is made up of financial institutions, industry associations, brokers, accountants and financial advisers.”

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