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SuperGroup gets forecasts wrong

23rd Apr 2012
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Clothing retailer SuperGroup, the owner of the Superdry brand, said “arithmetic errors” in its forecasting led to a £2.5m shortfall in its wholesale business.

The Cheltenham-based group put out a trading update on 20 April marking its second profit warning of the year following a routine audit, which sent its shares plummeting.

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By carnmores
23rd Apr 2012 17:08

thats simply not credible is it?

'plus' sign was inserted rather than a 'minus' into the company accounts, and that it was not down to any software or forecasting slip ups. 

are we using a quill pen here did the ink dry out?


SuperGroup admitted to an additional £2m shortfall in the same division because of demand for its stock coming later than expected and an increase in operating costs.

in other words it hadnt made the sales before the year end?


A further £2m shortfall was caused by more shoppers buying goods on eBay or at discount outlets 

er they cant cope with discounts on their ahem 'accounting' system



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