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It’s inevitable that as an accountant, at some point you’re going to have to travel; either to meet clients, for CPD purposes or simply to network.

For those who use smartphones and tablets, we’ve rounded up five of the best travel apps out there to help make the whole process a bit easier.

From hailing a taxi, to having a pre-planned map of locations, to finding the cheapest, most convenient flight for those travelling abroad, we’ve got it covered in our August app review...

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29th Aug 2013 10:49

Airport/travel apps

Easyjet app - useful

Swiss Air app - not very useful ! - does not do the things you want the most, often just takes you back to the mobile version website

Amsterdam Schiphol airport** app - good, tells you the gate number in advance and other status info, including aircraft number (see FlightRadar entry)

Manchester airport app - fair

Liverpool airport app ("myLJLA") - fair - alerts you when gate is announced website and (paid-for) app - tells you where your incoming aircraft is - or whether it has even left !

Rail Tracker app - shows UK train status in real time - a few usability issues but mostly useful

DB Navigator - lets you plan routes on the Deutsche Bahn rail system in Germany (also ones that travel through Switzerland) - useful

bodo app - shows your train and bus connections and times, lets you plan routes in southern Germany around Bodensee (Lake Konstanz) - useful

Skanetrafiken app - shows your train and bus connections and times, lets you plan routes in southern Sweden - useful

9292 app - shows your bus and train connections and times, lets you plan routes in Netherlands - useful


** Schiphol (NL) provides 2 x 30 min free WiFi hence making this app useful even without a data SIM

Manchester airport - 30 mins free Wifi

Zurich (CH) airport - 60 mins free Wifi

Many long-distance trains in NL (eg Eindhoven-Amsterdam) have free WiFi (at least via an Android phone) - 'Sprinters' do not

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