Tough times ahead for charities

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Stronger corporate governance is essential to ensuring the survival of charitable organisations during the recession, argues Gillian Donald.

Although some suggest the economic outlook is getting brighter, there are still tough times ahead for many charities. In order for these organisations to survive the turbulent times, trustees must be skilled, enable and equipped to function properly – the more nimble charities can be, the better they will be able to respond.

Trustees have legal duties under the Charity Act and possibly under the Companies Act if incorporated. They must act with the care and diligence it is reasonable to expect of a person managing the affairs of another person; i.e. they should be slightly more prudent/risk averse with the charities’ funds than they...

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By onesys
07th Jan 2010 09:59

Trustees Benefit From Real-time Financial Overview

Many charities / not-for-profit organisations we speak to struggle on with manual or spreadsheet-based financial systems.

Boards and funding bodies can be reassured and transparency improved through a simple upgrade to accounting software such as Sage 50. (or run independently)

The networked Sage Coretime module gives management a real-time overview of funding-spend, productivity, resourcing and other key performance indicators. Detailed Reports can be produced without delay at the push of a button.

This upgrade eradicates many manual errors, delays, greatly reduces the admin burden and your internal information flow doesn't stop when a key person is off work, as management has full access to all the data - if authorised.

For further information about replacing your manual system with Sage Coretime call Gil van der Sluis on 0845 026 2255 (local call)

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