Tutorial: MS Query and Sage #2 - import balances into Excel. By David Carter

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Following his first tutorial on how to set up MS Query and the Sage ODBC drivers, David Carter's second tutorial shows you how to extract monthly nominal account balances from Sage and import them into Excel.

Well start with a simple exercise to help you find your way round MS Query.

Sage offers numerous Trial Balance and P&L reports. But you can only print a TB or P&L for a single period. Often managers like to see the figures for several months side by side, which gives an idea of trends.

In this first exercise, well use Query to extract the nominal account balances for the last few months from Sage and paste them into Excel.

Well run the tutorial on Sages demonstration company, Stationery Exhibitions. Hopefully you will find it useful afterwards with your own company data.


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10th Nov 2014 10:38




I have worked with sage 1000 for many years and kow most of the tables to use for most of the modules.


I have now moved jobs and using sage200 and the table structure is totaly different. Could you le me know how i would get a stock history information out from sage 200 as this was relativly easy in sage1000 as most of the data was in the stkhstm table.


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