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Fantasy Premier League
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The UK’s leading online community for accountants has joined the big-money Premier League - well, the fantasy version at least.

Thanks to sponsorship from Absolute TopUp, members who follow football can pit their wits against peers in the AccountingWEB Fantasy Football Club, hosted on the FA’s official Premier League fantasy football site.

The online game is free to join and once you’ve chosen a team, click the Leagues/Join League links and enter the code 1134557-283153 to become part of the AccountingWEB fantasy league. The sponsorship means that we will be able to run a manager of the month competition (with prizes) and award a cup for the overall winner at the end of the season.

You've got just two days left to choose your team to maximise your points before the real Premier League kicks off on Saturday 17 August.

“I’m over the moon,” said editor John Stokdyk, for whom football analysis and prediction has become something of an obsession. “This deal confirms that there are lots of accountants out there who share my enthusiasm for sports analysis and prediction. It gives members an outlet where they can apply their analytical prowess away from the pressures of accountancy and tax. Many thanks to Top Up Tax for helping us to get this great community initiative off the ground.”

In addition to the Fantasy Premier League facilities, the league will have its own blog page to share gossip, banter and playing strategies during the season. Stokdyk has promised to choose his ExcelZone Athletic team using his notorious Excel KPI dashboard and will give other league members a chance by discussing the techniques that he applies.

The spreadsheet model has a chequered history and is temporarily out of action as Stokdyk continues his attempts to refine it into something that might actually work. The Fantasy Football First blog, however, has taken the concept to new heights with an online database of sortable players by position (click the “Player Help” link at the top of the page to find the other positions).

“There will be no managerial secrets on my part, so it'll be an interesting experiment to see whether scientific observation can triumph over human cunning and luck,” he said.

“Enjoy the season and may the best team win!”

You can find out more about the competition on the AccountingWEB TopUp Tax Fantasy Football League blog.  Prizes will only be awarded to registered members of AccountingWEB.co.uk for whom we hold proper contact details - so make sure you fill out your profile details now.

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15th Aug 2013 13:44

wrong code?

Site says code is not valid..

This is not a valid league code. Please enter another code or check the code with the league administrator.

Private league code



This is defintely the right number?....


Many thanks..

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16th Aug 2013 16:07

Why not enter one of our regional leagues?
We've had nearly 90 teams enter. So if you'd like to compete against AccountingWEB members in your region, please click the "Leages-Join League" links when you're next on the fantasy.premierleague.com site and enter JUST ONE of the following league codes:Aweb/TopUp Division 1 (South) 1134557-450043Aweb/TopUp Division 1 (North) 1134557-450089Aweb/TopUp Division 1 (Midlands) 134557-450128Aweb/TopUp Division 1 (West) 1134557-450168

Our apologies for the moment to Scottish and East Anglian members. If you refuse to be pigeonholed into one of our existing divisions, we can create one for you too, so long as their are at least 8-10 sides represented.

Our manager of the month prize will still be awarded to the best performers across all the AccountingWEB/TopUp Tax fantasy leagues, but we will have a word with our sponsors to see what we can line up for the regional winners at the end of the season.

NB: Prizes will only be awarded to registered members of AccountingWEB.co.uk for whom we hold proper contact details - so make sure you fill out your profile details now.

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