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‘We’re going to replace Winforecast’

18th Feb 2015

A growing number of alternatives are turning up for accountants and others who are looking for a replacement for Sage’s standalone forecasting tool Winforecast/Sage 50 Financial Forecasting.

Sage’s decision has stranded many accountants like AccountingWEB member Alf, who recently asked for advice on tools to meet these forecasting needs: “For me, and I suspect many small practices, the forecasting requirement is to be able to easily and robustly provide forecasts for a variety of small entities, which may, or may not, then require future updating, and which may well not need to be linked to an accounts package (to import actuals).”

One of those looking to fill this gap in the accounting software market is Brighton-based CrunchBoards.


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Replies (12)

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By Moonbeam
18th Feb 2015 13:46

So what do genuine users think of these addons?

I've been caught out in the past by sweeping marketing blurb before now.

If I don't see any comments from UK users of these addons I will draw my own conclusions.

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
18th Feb 2015 14:23

I hope other members can help here

Hi Moonbeam,

I wanted to get this article on the site asap, so sorry if the product descriptions lack a bit of detail. We're planning to continue to delve into these areas and to provide members with more detail. And the more comments we get from people who have actually used these tools, the better.

At Xerocon I talked to accountants from Valued Accounting, Coleman Bradshaw, Mint Accounting, Kinder Pocock and other firms about these tools - but only retain sketchy notes. I'll go back to them and see if I can provide more information in a follow-up piece soon.

Until then, I'll be very grateful to any AccountingWEB members who can add their observations here.

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By Rachael White
18th Feb 2015 14:51


If you want to find out what some of the above think, here's a video of Valued for a start.

More will follow! 

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By Sheepy306
19th Feb 2015 08:30

Stand alone or just add-on?
Well done to Crunch Boards. II have to admit to not yet looking into the software but IS it actually a replacement for WinForecast as is suggested? Can it be run as a stand alone product or is it simply an add-on for Xero, which is what the blurb and video above seems to be suggesting?

A Xero add-on is good and I as an accountant could use it for a couple of clients, but WinForecast was excellent and can be applied to ALL my clients, so it's a bold statement.
Clarification would be great here.

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
19th Feb 2015 09:53

@Sheepy306 - Correct

CrunchBoards and most of the other tools listed in the article are designed to link into Cloud applications. This has the advantage of automating a lot of the data collection (as you would get with forecasting tools built into Sage 50 and QuickBooks). Forecast 5 and foreCASH are freestanding desktop tools (matching or surpassing Winforecast's functionality), while Financial Driver is a cloud-based application that I believe can plug into all manner of accounting systems.

We're obviously sensing a need for more product detail here and will do our best to cater for it in the near future.

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By Sheepy306
19th Feb 2015 11:29

Thanks John for clarifying.

A useful round-up which will no doubt save plenty of time for people, I shall look into those products mentioned.

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By carnmores
19th Feb 2015 16:55

Ta John

at bloody last !

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By JSJ54
20th Feb 2015 08:29


Until you've used WinForecast you do not how good it is.

Too many "competitors" think it just produces a cash flow and a Profit and loss account forecast.

It does far more than this. Data entry is simple and amendments are easy. Importing figures from accounts programs isn't the be all and end all.

I'm still waiting to see a product which is half as good as WinForecast.


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By carnmores
22nd Feb 2015 09:06

well i have had a look at all these thru the links

and none of them seem to be freestanding which is what most advisers will probably still want , tho this will change with the uptake of cloud solutions. My opinion is that these solutions will complicate not ease matters for smaller businesses and should therefore be beest avoided for a while . what we want is an efficient cloud based version of W4C that works , I shall engage my brain.

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By redboam
25th Mar 2015 15:34

Figurewizard What-If

We are using Figurewizard, which has just added a What-If tool that allows its users to make changes to forecast elements which in turn illustrate change profits, tax, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts in real time. We use it as a consultancy tool for most of our SME clients: 


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By abaco
24th Feb 2015 15:47


I also use figurewizard and if John takes a look at it he will find that most if not all mentioned here is already covered by it.

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By Hannahmc8
02nd Mar 2015 21:28

Replacing Winforecast

It's been brilliant reading these comments as it confirms our research. Winforecast is used broadly and is loved by many. Providing a first class cloud-based solution to it is our aim. It's not finished yet, but, in working with our partners over the last 6 months and into the future, the replacement is coming. It will be in incremental steps so watch this space.

We know what you need and we're building it. Feel free to email me at [email protected] for more details. 


Hannah McIntyre, Co-founder, CrunchBoards

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