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Netherlands Company

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I am a UK resident but am being employed by a company from the Netherland. They pay me a salary and don't withold anything. Where do I pay tax?? Please help

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By johngroganjga
03rd May 2017 12:07

If you are UK resident the tax you pay is UK tax.

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By RedSauce
03rd May 2017 13:07

I am not self-employed and, the company in Netherlands asked me to find out what they need to do, paying PAYE/NIC.

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By Kevin Kavanagh
03rd May 2017 13:37

What they need to do is open a PAYE scheme, process the payroll for all UK employees, deal with RTI, and pay hmrc the monthly PAYE / NIC.

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By WhichTyler
03rd May 2017 14:53
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By gphemy
03rd May 2017 15:19

In very similar circumstances (Luxembourg employer) I myself opted to pass the payroll function to a service provider, settling the monthly PAYE myself. The only stumbling block was NI, whereby the service provider was insistent on computing both employer and employee contributions. I had to insist very firmly that since the employer neither has any presence in UK, nor exhibits
any signs at all of such presence (such as headed notepaper with a UK address, telephone or fax number in its name) I wanted to be set up for NI contributions under an “employee-only” scheme, not as an “employer” scheme, which expressions each have specific meaning in NI terms. Setting up under an “employer” scheme may itself create a liability to pay employer contributions” [pretty much verbatim from the named Contributions Agency officer advising]. It has run smoothly ever since then, with nary a hiccup with RTI. The payroll service started out unbelievably cheap, but has crept up to about £75 monthly - my employer picks up the bill. So to answer the question - that is what they have to do, engage a payroll service provider, pay NI employee contributions and PAYE tax, and pay you what is left!

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By the_fishmonger
04th May 2017 15:37

We've dealt with similar UK based staff paid by an EU company with no UK presence. HMRC have special PAYE schemes available to run your own payroll and deal with it (e.g. a DPNI scheme).

You do not say where you carry out your work but, if your work is carried out in the UK, your employer *may* be required to set up an auto-enrolment pension scheme and make contributions. Again, we have had this situation occur.

I'd suggest going to a local accountancy firm and asking their advice, face to face. If it were us, you'd probably just be asked to donate to the RNLI for the time it takes to give you an answer.

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Lanop Accountants
By Lanop
06th May 2017 17:43

I agree with gphemy. We are doing the same open a PAYE scheme under employee only scheme, process the payroll for all UK employees, deal with RTI, and pay hmrc the monthly PAYE / NIC

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