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The Access Group
By The Access Group | 18th Jul 2019

Infographic: The cost of security breaches

Data breaches are gaining widespread attention as businesses of all sizes become increasingly reliant on digital data, cloud computing, and workforce...
By AccountsIQ | 19th Jul 2019

FD's Guide to Group Finance Reporting

In businesses where different systems are used for managing performance, it can be a challenge for Finance Directors to obtain accurate and reliable...
By Pandle | 19th Jul 2019

Pandle Update: Reducing File Import Errors

Pandle was founded on the principles of providing straightforward, intuitive bookkeeping software. So, to make importing data even easier for you and...
By ICPA | 19th Jul 2019

Record High For New Company Formations

New figures just released reveal that the number of companies formed in the UK reached a record high in 2018, writes John Korchak. This blog is taken...
Myriad Associates
By Myriad Associates | 19th Jul 2019

A Brief Guide to the Essentials of Video Games Tax

The Video Games Industry in the UK is booming and according to the TIGA Report of 2016 contributes around £1.25 billion to our GDP. Video Games Tax...
Tax Cloud
By Tax Cloud | 19th Jul 2019

How will Brexit affect R&D tax credits?

Although Brexit continues to bring with it a large amount of uncertainty, there are still things businesses large and small can be doing to save some...
By MyFirmsApp | 19th Jul 2019

Proven Ways to Better Communicate with Clients

Overcome the email challenge and communicate 4-5 times more effectively In this, the second in a series of three webinars presented by Dan Richards,...
By PracticeWeb | 19th Jul 2019

Saving on recruitment fees

Every week, I spend at least a day or two out of the office going to see accountants around the country. In amongst all coffee, cake and...
By Lifecycle | 19th Jul 2019

Personal insolvencies hit highest level in 8 years

An increase in personal insolvencies in the fourth quarter of last year saw total numbers in England and Wales hit 115,299. It’s the highest level...
By ICPA | 19th Jul 2019

Questions to the Helplines

Here are some sample questions submitted by accountants to the ICPA/Vantage helpline. This blog is taken from the ICPA website. Dedicated to...
By Senta | 19th Jul 2019

Practice user guide and new features

Welcome to this update for July 2019 from the Senta support team. Here’s a bit about new features we’ve added, as well as any recent company news...
By FreeAgent | 19th Jul 2019

Study reveals Open Banking expectations

A study by award-winning cloud accounting provider, FreeAgent , has revealed the top three outcomes that accountants are expecting from the Open...
PaperLess Europe Ltd.
By PaperLess Europe Ltd. | 19th Jul 2019

Sage All-In One Data Capture & Invoice Approval...

Many companies are still using the conventional methodology Scan to Archive, which means they only digitise paper documents for archiving purpose...
By BrightPay | 19th Jul 2019

Understanding the cloud payroll portal movement

Many organisations across a multitude of organisations are beginning to undergo their digital transformation. The accounting and payroll industries...
By GovGrant | 18th Jul 2019

R&D tax credits for software development

Defining software development is one of the most challenging areas for R&D advisers and HMRC alike. The question that needs to be addressed is: “...
By Countingup | 18th Jul 2019

Countingup working on prototype of new hub.

Would you like a sneak peek at our accountant portal? Our 600+ accountant partners have known for some time now that an accountant portal has been...
Accounting Excellence
By Accounting Excellence | 18th Jul 2019

Data: the fuel that drives your accounting firm

1PM, Thursday 25th July 2019 Sign up Data is the bedrock for modern accountancy and the firms that manage data best will prosper in the rapidly...
By Zahara | 18th Jul 2019

Purchase Approvals - The opportunity for Accounts

Financial Data Advisor From keeping the books to financial data analyst & advisor For many years, ‘keeping the books’ has been a critical...
PaperLess Europe Ltd.
By PaperLess Europe Ltd. | 18th Jul 2019

5000 Accountants go PaperLess at Accountancy 2019

At Professional Accountancy 2019 , the UK’s most comprehensive accountancy event organised in partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants...
By Keytime | 17th Jul 2019

Digital VAT: Why are so many not registered?

It feels like we’ve been talking about it forever but we’re now just a tiny distance away from the first ever quarterly deadline for digital VAT...

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