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By Pandle | 24th May 2019

Recent Updates: Improvements to our MTD feature

Here at Pandle we’re on a mission to make bookkeeping as easy and error-free as possible for all of our users. It’s just how we roll. We’re always...
By ICPA | 24th May 2019

HMRC Case Updates from Accountants to Restaurants

Here’s an update on recent HMRC successful investigations and prosecutions. This blog is taken from the ICPA website. Dedicated to supporting and...
Myriad Associates
By Myriad Associates | 24th May 2019

5 Surprising Statistics about R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits is a tax relief scheme under HMRC aimed at boosting business innovation and intellectual property across the country. The latest...
Tax Cloud
By Tax Cloud | 24th May 2019

How SMEs Can Benefit from R&D Tax Credits

Research and Development is a valuable tool that most firms use to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. In 2000, HMRC introduced an R&...
By MyFirmsApp | 24th May 2019

How to Become a Connected Accountant

Being connected to clients, prospects, colleagues and information is an essential part of today’s always on world Darlington, May 24th, 2019 – A new...
By | 24th May 2019

Future of the Profession Series: Pace of change

As part of our popular Accountant’s Update Pathway 2019 , Alan Nelson recently recorded a podcast with Lisa Weaver, Associate Professor at Warwick...
By Outbooks | 24th May 2019

UK Tax Strategies for 2019

As we welcome a new financial year, it would not be incorrect to say that a fair share of tax worries has already started troubling us. In the UK, a...
SAP Concur
By SAP Concur | 24th May 2019

How much you spend on employee travel expenses?

Here’s a question with a surprising answer. Which is the most expensive city to travel to on business? It’s Caracas , the capital city of Venezuela!...
By TaxCalc | 23rd May 2019

Selecting the best software for your practice

We were recently asked to join two of the directors of the TaxAssist franchise on stage at Accountex. The brief was to share some of the lessons we...
By MyFirmsApp | 23rd May 2019

MyFirmsApp Appoints New Partnerships Director

Darlington, May 23rd, 2019 - MyFirmsApp, the developers of the leading App platform for accountancy firms worldwide, today announced the appointment...
By PracticeWeb | 23rd May 2019

Team pages best practice

The team page on your website isn’t merely functional and deserves as much thought and attention as any other. Done right, a good ‘Meet the team’...
Tax Insider Ltd
By Tax Insider Ltd | 23rd May 2019

Employer-Provided Cycles

How to pay less tax is a question which is always on most people’s minds. However, working as an employee the opportunities to save the amount of tax...
By Zahara | 23rd May 2019

Stop Approving Supplier Invoices

If you’re having to check every supplier invoice is ok to pay - your process is broken. When a supplier submits their invoice, they will typically...
By AccountsIQ | 23rd May 2019

Building a Robust Finance Structure & Reporting

The savviest of the CFO community are the ones who plan ahead of time and are continually future-proofing their technology, processes and data. Armed...
By BrightPay | 23rd May 2019

GDPR: One year on! Has anything changed?

GDPR came and went one year ago but has anything changed? The short answer is no. All businesses must continue to protect and securely manage the...
By Nomisma | 22nd May 2019

Nomisma Software is accredited by ICAEW

Nomisma is delighted to announce that it has been accredited by the ICAEW. The ICAEW software review is the most stringent software review in the...
Rudi Jansen
By Rudi Jansen | 22nd May 2019

The What, Why & How Of Hiring A Virtual PA

The following article was originally posted on You can read the original here. One of the biggest challenges practice owners face is...
By BTCSoftware | 22nd May 2019

MTD for VAT: How to avoid the Obligation Error

Making Tax Digital has been live since April 2019, and yet businesses and individuals still don't know what to do about it. For the first year, this...
PaperLess Europe Ltd.
By PaperLess Europe Ltd. | 22nd May 2019

How are CFOs increasing invoice processing speeds?

Optical Character Recognition ( OCR Software ) technology enabled companies to process their documents and especially invoices in an automated manner...
By BrightPay | 22nd May 2019

Key issues facing your payroll department in 2019

The CIPP unveiled their latest “Future of Payroll Report” (2019) for the second year running and surprisingly, it’s not a total snoozefest! The...

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